Han Yun Liang -the end and the beginning-展 

Han Yun Liang -the end and the beginning-展 

 今年の春のはじめ、Han Yun Liangと共に彼女の散歩道である高知の谷相の山の中に一緒に入り、美しく静かな1日を過ごしました。植物を見て、土を触り、動物の白骨と出逢ったり。自然の強さとエネルギーを感じました。コロナウィルスの暗いニュースばかりの時期だったので、とても自分にとってリラックスでき、ハンさんを深く知れた一日でもありました。

 今回初個展となるHan Yun Liangは台湾人の作家です。世界中を転々とし、様々な活動をする中で今は高知県の谷相で作陶されている小野哲平氏の元で土を触ったり絵を描いたり創作しています。




wad店主 小林剛人

Walking with Han Yun Liang on her strolling path in the mountain at Taniai, Kochi, I had a tranquil and beautiful day in this early spring. We saw plants, touched the soil, and met animal bones on the way. I felt the sense of energy in Nature. It was not like the dark news about coronavirus these days, to me, this experience was relaxing. It was also a day to know Ms. Han on a deeper level. This is Han Yun Liang’s, a Taiwanese artist, first solo exhibition in Japan. She moves around the world and involves various activities. Right now she is doing pottery with her Master Ono Teppei in Kochi-ken as an apprentice. Playing with clay and drawing illustrations are her ways of creation. 

Her expression of the works is about life and death, which derived from her childhood experience. It becomes her theme of creation. ‘Am I still alive?’ or ‘Is this a dream?’ And ‘What is it like to be dead?’ With these thoughts crossing in her mind, her works are born.

She came to Taniai, met these animal bones and remains at her strolling path. Then one day, she created a work combined with animal bones and clay. Unlike the comforting feeling when she buried her dead pets and marking them by sticking the tree branch without being told by anyone long time ago, these unconnected picked up dead animals and bones from the mountain is a proof of life. Mindfully she takes each of them and make it thoughtfully into works that I feel one can understand at the first sight.

To me, her works exude a sense of transience and vulnerability that overlaps with the notion of “life”. 

wad Takehito Kobayashi



リャン ハン ユン
1987 台湾高雄生まれ
2009-2014 台湾交通大学 応用芸術大学院 視覚伝達デザイン学部卒業
2011-2012 米国・ニューヨークのPratt Institute, Graduate Communications Design留学
2013-2014 フィンランド・ヘルシンキのAalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Graphic Design 留学
2017 高知の小野哲平さんの弟子になる

Han Yun Liang
1987 Born and raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2009-2014 Graduated from National Chiao Tung University, Institute of Applied Arts, major in Visual Communication design (MA) in Taiwan
2011-2012 One year full scholarship studied at Pratt Institute, GradComD, in NYC, USA
2013-2014 Half year exchange program at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Graphic Design, in Helsinki, Finland
2017 learning with the Master Ono Teppei as an apprentice in Kochi